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Soft TPU manufacturers

Napisane przez: Lindajeon31 - 03-25-2020, 02:15 AM - Forum: Treningi i trenerzy - Brak odpowiedzi

Basic product parameters
Raw Material Feature
As an elastomer, TPU is a kind of material between rubber and plastic. This can be seen from its rigidity, which can be measured by elastic modulus.The elastic modulus of rubber is usually 1~10Mpa, TPU 10~1000Mpa, plastic (nylon, ABS, PC, POM) 1000~10000Mpa.The hardness range of TPU is quite wide, ranging from Shore A 60~Shore D 80 and having high elasticity in the whole hardness range.TPU is flexible in a wide temperature range of -40~120鈩?without plasticizer.TPU has good resistance to oils (mineral oils, animal and vegetable oils and lubricants) and many solvents.TPU also has good weather resistance and high energy ray resistance.It is well known that abrasion resistance, tear resistance and deflection strength are all excellent;High tensile strength, large elongation and low permanent deformation rate of long-term compression are all significant advantages of TPU.
Production process
Three processes that can be produced, the details are as follows:
1. TPU film is made on the basis of TPU particle material through calendering, flow casting, blowing film, coating and other processes.
2. Polyurethane coating material is composed of inner rubber layer, fabric reinforcement layer and outer rubber layer. The fabric reinforcement layer is woven by polyester fiber, and the inner and outer rubber layer is formed by coating polyurethane on both sides of fabric reinforcement layer.
3. TPU composite fabric is to use TPU film composite on various fabrics to form a composite material, combined with the characteristics of the two to get a new fabric.There are two ways to make TPU composite fabric, one is called post-paste: first make TPU film and then glue and stick with the fabric, and the other is called online composite: apply good or no glue on the fabric, and directly make TPU drooling on the fabric to make TPU composite fabric or mesh cloth.
1. Excellent strength and durability
2. Excellent oil and chemical resistance
3. Excellent elongation and tensile strengths
4. Excellent elastomeric memory
5. Environmental protection non-toxic
6. Excellent abrasion resistance
Soft TPU material is applied to industry, daily life, transportation, outdoor sports, safety protection, Medical, military and other fields, such as  inflatable life jacket, diving BC jacket, life raft, inflatable boat, inflatable tent, military inflatable self-expanding mattress, massage air bag, medical anti-bedsore mattress and professional waterproof backpack.
Package and Transport
Q1: How many machines in your factory?
A: 2 sets production equipment and 4 sets subsidiary machines
Q2: Can you send samples to us?
A: We can offer FREE SAMPLE within 1kg for normal size with freight collect or based on your account.
Q3: We want to try this material, but how to do ?
A: Advise our staff the application of the film, the thickness, the width , application condition and any other points for attention.
Q4: We buy your goods, but we don鈥檛 know how to process, what can we do ?
A: We have the professional services team and we had build the cooperation with different fields. They have the experience and can help you if any problem during the development period.Soft TPU manufacturers

Wholesale Nitinol Flexible Black Superelastic Wire

Napisane przez: Lindajeon31 - 03-25-2020, 02:12 AM - Forum: Treningi i trenerzy - Brak odpowiedzi

Baoji Seabird Metal Material Co., Ltd is located in the world-renowned "titanium city" -- Baoji city, Shaanxi province锛孋hina.  The office address is located in 17th F, Block B, ChuangYi Building, High-tech Zone,Baoji City. The production base covers a total area of 33,000銕?in Qianyang Town, with a production area of 10,000銕nd an office area of 5,000銕? There are more than 10 professional engineers , forming a team proficient in the research, development and processing of non-ferrous metal materials.
    Seabird is Chinese market and technology leader in Nitinol. We provide Nitinol melting, complex components and materials, a complete range of Nitinol fabrication, and engineer-to-engineer support in both prototyping and production phases.Seabird sincerely serves more and more customers all over the world  with a rich 18 year experience.
1.Company Milestones
1.) 2001- Established,completely install the production line for rod&wire,sheet&strip .
2.)   2004- Approved by Rosh Test
3.)   2010- Registered Trademark -- Seabird
4.)   2011- Got a patent for cold-rolled glasses sheet
                 Also a patent For high temperature shape memory alloy wire   
5.)   2016- Developed nickel-titanium-copper products
6.)   2018- Developed  Nitinol Heat Shrinkage Wire
7.)   2018- Moved factory from Baoji to Qianyang Town, founded BAOJI SUNRISE RARE METAL CO.,LTD
8.)    2019-Developed  7-Strands Nitinol Wire
Seabird will continues to grow because of our mission is to continually improve the quality of our products, the speed with which we respond to customers ` requests.
2.Our Factory
The factory located in industry zone in Qianyang Town, Baoji City,Shaanxi,China with a production area of 10,000銕nd an office area of 5,000銕?
It has five departments,production department,quality inspection department, technical department, finance department and marketing department. There are 6 production workshops with a total of more than 100 workers. 80% of the them have more than 10 years of work experience.
It has more than 10 professional engineers with 25 years researching and producing experience , forming a team proficient in the research, development and processing of non-ferrous metal materials.
3.Our Product
Seabird has two production line: Nitinol and Refractory metal.
1)Nitinol main products: nitinol bar&wire,nitinol sheet&strip,nitinol tube&pipe ,nitinol customized products ,etc.
2)Refractory metal main products: tungsten tube&pipe, tungsten bar&rod,tungsten sheet&foil,molybdenum tube&pipe, molybdenum bar&rod,molybdenum  sheet&foil ,etc.
4.Product Application
Products are widely used in medical device,auto industry, fishing, aerospace, navigation, metallurgy, chemicals, petroleum, electronics, pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals, polymer modified materials, liquid crystals and so on
5.Our Certificate
1) cold-rolled glasses sheet patent
2) high temperature shape memory alloy wire  patent
3)ISO 9001 certificate
4)Rosh test reports
  ISO9000       patent for sheet        patent  for wire
6.Production Equipment
Seabird has two production departments of  nitinol and refractory metal.
1).  Nitinol Division.
  鈶?Vacuum Medium-frequency Induction Furnace;ULVAR
  鈶?Two-roller Hot Rolling Machine& Four-roller Cold Rolling Machine
  鈶?Six-roller precision cold rolling mill
鈶late Leveling machine
鈶utting Machine, cylindrical Grinder,Resistance Furnace
鈶acuum Annealing Furnace
鈶rawing Machine
鈶enterless Grinding Machine,Polishing Machine,Straightening Machine,Linear Cutting Machine, etc.
2)Refractory Metal Division
鈶燩ressure Testing Machine
鈶ydrogen Dewaxing Furnace
鈶igh Temperature Vertical Melting Furnace, etc.
7.Production Market
Seabird has 10-year exporting experience.The products is popular in international and domestic markets and gained unanimous praise from customers. Such as, USA,Germany,Canada,Israel,Italy,Korea,Singapore,etc.
8. Operating Principles
1锛塁ustomers are the focus for everything we do.
The commitments we make to them must be met. This includes both the quality of our products and the deliveries that we promise.
2锛塁ontinual improvement in processes and products is essential to our success.
We must continuously strive to improve everything we do: our products, the way our products are manufactured, the way we work together toward our goals, the efficiencies of our operations, and our profitability.
3锛塈ntegrity cannot be compromised.
The conduct of our company must be pursued in a manner that is socially responsible and commands respect for its integrity. Our relationships with our customers and especially ourselves must be based on honesty and mutual respect.
                            Wholesale Nitinol Flexible Black Superelastic Wire

China toluene diisocyanate dimer TT factory

Napisane przez: Lindajeon31 - 03-25-2020, 02:11 AM - Forum: Treningi i trenerzy - Brak odpowiedzi

鈥?Our History
Gloriaful Industry co.,ltd (HongKong),  as a professional exporter of technical and formulated chemicals .from 2007 we set up a plant in Nantong ,which is producing epoxy accelerator, adhesion promoter and vulcanizing agents ,over years we have been supplying kinds of these high performance materials for plastic- ,rubber- ,fibre- industries in US. EURO and China.from 2012,we developed several new formulated products enabled work flexible and safe. e.g. blocked diisocyanate(MDI) aqueous dispersion for dipping and fibre to rubber adhesion. We are pleased to be in close communication with our customer, fraternity and colleges to improve the service, quality and technology for new composites in our life.
鈥?Our Product
Our various products include:
epoxy accelerator: e.g. Diuron ,Fenuron,Monuron  make curing  faster ,temperature lower  and better crosslinking
waterborne curing agent: trimer of HDI make work safe and green ,provides high gross performance
adhesion promoter: e.g. blocked diisocyanate  make reinforcement rubber products and other advanced materials
                                  Dimeric TDI aqueous desipersion : dipping of rubber to PET ,a good crosslinker
Sulfur carrier CLD : Green for rubber vulcanising ; TDI dimer as additive of rubber for crosslinking.
Monomer carbodiimide :preferred stabilizer for plastic and lubricate oil
Poly carbodiimide: e.g. Liquid MDI modified . stabilizer and crosslinker for resin and PU
鈥?Our Factory
Our production plants are located in China national high-tech industry zone for 12 years, Running a full system: advanced synthesis technique; perfect analysis instruments (GC, HPLC, DSC, Particle size); fine packing line; standardized warehousing; fast transit, to guarantee our clients with stable-best quality, enough supplying capacity, flexible logistic to any area through the whole world.
鈥?Product Application
Our products meet the demands from producer of  composites based on Resin ,Polyurethane ,and Fibre
Main target areas :
1 .automotive &aerospace
2. petroleum & mine
3. electronics & electrics
4. construction &building
5. sport devices
6. military and defense
terminal articles :
powder coatings ,laminates boards, structural adhesives, carbon-fibre composites.
polyester cords in tyres, Conveyor belts ,plastic-coated fabric.
鈥?Our Service
Keep our customer close in  a sound scientific management system, with the perfect pre-sale and after-sales service all-round system. we are glad to hear from you on the requirements of new advanced materials . as this area need experience plus non-stop innovations.China toluene diisocyanate dimer TT factory

Pillow Block Bearing

Napisane przez: Lindajeon31 - 03-25-2020, 02:10 AM - Forum: Treningi i trenerzy - Brak odpowiedzi

UCP pillow blocks / Pillow block bearing
鈼?UCP pillow blocks are suggested for industrial applications where normal loads are encountered.
鈼?Compact, one-piece housing with two-bolt mounting can be installed in any position and makes bearing replacement easy.
鈼?These units use wide inner ring ball bearings with self-aligning spherical outside diameters that compensate for shaft misalignment.
鈼?UCP series housed units feature the set screw locking (UC) bearing insert.
鈼?Bearing prelubricated and ready for immediate installation.
鈼?Grease fitting supplied for re-lubrication.
鈼?The bonded seal design is well-suited for applications involving wet or dirty environments.
鈼?Bolt-hole spacing and base-to-center height dimensions are interchangeable with competitive units.
鈼?Housing designed for ease of bearing replacement.
Pillow Block Bearing Description:
1) The insert bearings are the deep groove ball bearings with wide inner rings
2) It inserts in housing work as a unit bearing
3) The housing is mainly casting or pressed steel
4) The bearing units are compact in design with perfect sealing devices
5) They can align with ease during operation and can be conveniently mounted or dismounted.
Pillow Block Bearing Feature:
1) high load capacity high precision high stiffness
2) Self-aligning
3) high sealing performance
4) easy to pour lubricating grease
5) Easy mounting and secure fitting
6) Bearing replace ability
3.Bearing Services:
1) Information consulting
2) Product as your drawings ,
3) Design as you required,
4) Quote price & delivery date,
5) Free sample,
6) OEM & ODM,
7) Technical support etc.Pillow Block Bearing

Second Cooling And Bending Segment factory

Napisane przez: dfgcbc - 03-03-2020, 04:36 AM - Forum: Sprzedam - Brak odpowiedzi

Our History
Established Dalian Dashan Crystallizer Co.,Ltd -Production base of billet mould.
Successfully produced the first mould assembly.
Being the first company who introduced the advanced mould patent to china and widely used it on products.
Created a miracle in the industry with 10 thousand mould tubes output a year.
The developed efficient copper moulds, gained many awards, were sold 12 thousand pieces yearly, and some of them were exported to more than 20 countries and regions.
Established Dalian Dashan Surface Treatment Co.,Ltd--coating base.
Established Dalian Dashan Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd--production base of slab mould and complete set of continuous casting machine.
Established joint ventures with KME
Established Dalian Dashan Copper Co.,Ltd--copper smelting base.
Established Dalian Dashan Metallurgical Engineering Technology Co.,Ltd--research and design center of continuous casting machine.
Dalian Dashan Crystallizer Co.,Ltd moved to a new plant, and its capability of copper moulds reached 50 thousand pieces per year.
Established new dashan copper plate workshop.
Up to now.
Our Factory
Our Product
DDMET complete line of equipment supply include:
Iron and steel smelting equipment,
Continuous casting equipment,
Rolling equipment,
Coke oven machinery,
Metallurgical auxiliary equipment and environmental protection equipment.
Product Application
DDMET's main engagements include development and design of metallurgical engineering technology, dedicated equipment for metallurgy, technological development and design of environmental protection equipment, technical consultation, technical services and supply of complete equipment. Its key products include iron and steel smelting equipment, continuous casting equipment, rolling equipment, metallurgical auxiliary equipment and environmental protection equipment, among which continuous casting machines and related spare parts are exported to more than 40 countries.
Our Certificate
QA international
Production Equipment
Production Market
With good performance, our products are attracting more than 600 steel companies.
Domestic market includes Tiangang Steel, Baogang Steel, Kungang Steel, Wugang Steel, Pan-gang Steel, Shagang Steel,Hanggang Steel, Guanggang Steel, Liugang Steel, Jigang Steel, Nangang Steel, ect. more than 500 steel enterprises. The possessive rate of mould tube is about 35%, taking the leadership in domestic market.
Abroad market includes United State, Russia,India, Germany, Turkey, South Africa, Pakistan, Chile, Brazil, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia etc, more than 40 states and areas.
With advanced equipments purchased from Germany, Dashan is able to offer our customer the finest machined products. The Group has over 500 engineers and technicians including:
-186 bachelors degree,
-8 masters degree,
-1 senior analyst from Chinese Academy of Sciences and 4 professors,
-more than 30% of our staff are technicians.
QUALITY ASSURANCE is the top priority of the Group. With strict quality control and standardized and essential part every procedure of our production process.
We have the best sales network and after-sale service team in the industry to analyze and optimize performance of our products and to solve any problems which may occur during casting process.Second Cooling And Bending Segment factory

Swimming Pool SPA Equipments

Napisane przez: dfgcbc - 03-03-2020, 04:35 AM - Forum: Sprzedam - Brak odpowiedzi

1. Q: Where is your factory located?
A: Our factory is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. Showroom is in Guangzhou.
2. Q: What's your Payment terms?
A: 30% deposit paid before production arrangement, and balance cleared before loading.
3. Q: May I know your Lead time?
A: It depends on your order quantity.1x20ft for 15 days; 1x40ft for 20 days.
4. Q: Which Port will our goods be loaded?
A: Guangzhou, Shenzhen or on your request.
5. Q: Can I use my own forwarder to transport the products for me?
A: Yes, if you have your own forwarder in Guangzhou, you can let your forwarder ship the products for you.

If you have another question, pls feel free to contact us as below:
TEL: 008613982024270
Whatapp: +8613982024270
Skype: solar.zhen
Email: jocelyn@daremay.com
Wechat: 13982024270Swimming Pool SPA Equipments

Znaczenie imion

Napisane przez: malyrafal - 02-29-2020, 12:58 PM - Forum: Inne - Brak odpowiedzi

W przerwie od gry można sprawdzić znaczenie swojego imienia na https://znaczenieimion.com.pl/

Fusion Protein biosimilar

Napisane przez: patcvihiaiy - 02-24-2020, 12:49 AM - Forum: Sprzedam - Brak odpowiedzi

This product is the biosimilar of IFN-γ (98059-61-1), which is a single-chain polypeptide containing 140 amino acids. The biosimilar is achieved by fermentation of a genetically engineered Escherichia coli bacterium containing the DNA which encodes for the recombinant protein. Purification of the product is achieved by conventional column chromatography. It is a highly purified sterile solution consisting of non-covalent dimers of two identical 16,465 Dalton monomers.

Features and Advantages:
NameBiosimilar of IFN-γ
CAS NO.98059-61-1
Typea recombinant fusion protein
Molecular Weight160 kDa
Physical FormSolution
Place of OriginChina (Mainland)
StorageSealed and stored at -70±15℃, away from light

The biosimilar of IFN-γ bulk supplied by our company is a sterile, colorless, preservative free solution. Its concentration, pH value, excipient formula and the original drug (ACTIMMUNE) are the same. Besides, it can also be customized according to the requirements of customers.
The annual product supply is about 10~20kgs, and the minimum order is 1g. If there are other requirements, please contact us.

IFN-γ, sold under the trade name ACTIMMUNE, is a medication used to treat chronic granulomatous disease, osteopetrosis and moderate to severe atopic dermatitis.
The biosimilar of IFN-γ solution supplied by our company strictly follows the requirements of cGMP production specification from production to filling. The quality of the product is consistent with that of the original research drug. It can be used for pre-clinical research and scientific research, but it is prohibited to be used in human experiment or commercial use.Fusion Protein biosimilar

Metal Membership Card manufacturers

Napisane przez: patcvihiaiy - 02-24-2020, 12:47 AM - Forum: Sprzedam - Brak odpowiedzi

Shenzhen Caika Smart Card Co.,Ltd is focused on researching and developing the productions of various IC (Contact, Contactless ) cards,ID cards ,Membership cards, VIP cards, Scratch cards, wood cards, Solicone wristband, access control card, hotel key card , Magnetic stripe cards, Signature panel cards, Employee's cards, Barcode cards, Alien card, Transparent cards, Photo cards, Calendar cards, Business cards and various other service cards.

As a leader of card manufacturer and supplier, our factory has possessed of strong productivity, advanced manufacturing facilities and an excellent work team. Our products have enjoyed a remarkable reputation in domestic and international marks for their unique design, high quality, short production time and fast shipping.

Adhering to the tenet that quality is the life and service is the longevity, we have established long-term business relationships with many foreign customers from Asia, Europe, American and other areas.We will do our best to provide products of the highest quality and the best service to meet customers' various requirements.Metal Membership Card manufacturers

PVC Plate Lath Brush factory

Napisane przez: patcvihiaiy - 02-24-2020, 12:45 AM - Forum: Sprzedam - Brak odpowiedzi

Anhui Shan sen brush Co., Ltd.'s office address is located in the Anqing, whose geographical location is indispensable and on an important position of the Yangtze River. The company is located in Yuantan town’s industrial park, Qianshan, Anqing, Anhui Province. It was incorporated on Qianshan market supervision bureau on July 2, 2010 with a registered capital of 6 million yuan. In the 9 years of the company's development, we have always provided customers with good products and technical support as well as considerate after-sales service. Our company mainly produces industrial machinery special-shaped brush, hood accessories brush, vacuum brush, glass craft brush (made of DuPont nylon), anti-static brush, custom-made brush roller, brush plate, brush wheel, wire brush, copper wire brush, iron brush, brush strip, brush belt, dust brush and abrasive brush.

Our products are used in glass manufacturing, coated lighting, LCD, LTO, PCB, textile, circuit board, food, cigarette, pharmaceutical, electronics, leather, footwear, wood, vehicle and ship manufacturing, sanitation sweeping, etc. In these industries, our products are used for dust removal, polishing, strip conveying at high temperatures, rough surface treatment, scale removal and surface cleaning.

Our company adopts Italy, Germany and Taiwan’s production equipment and technology. The technical level is in a leading position in China.

Our Honor

  PVC Plate Lath Brush factory