Live Edge Wood Kitchen Countertops from China

Wenge wood with hard and fine, no brown eyes and grain, feel very smooth.
The color the Wenge sapwood is light ,wood grain straight, the heartwood color is darker, wood grain buckling. There is a black line at the junction of the heartwood and the sapwood. Obvious growth rings.
The tangential section of the heartwood has a chicken wing (" V "shape) pattern. It has a dense texture. The biggest characteristic of wenge wood is grain beauty and changeful, have the crab claw grain with purple-brown in dark and light color, looks like chicken wing, The name of "Wenge wood"  also comes from this. In addition, there are also formed like mountains and rivers clouds landscape painting, fine floating, such as running water, infinite changes.
wenge live edge wood kitchen countertops
wenge live edge wood kitchen worktopsLive Edge Wood Kitchen Countertops from China

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