Fusion Protein biosimilar

This product is the biosimilar of IFN-γ (98059-61-1), which is a single-chain polypeptide containing 140 amino acids. The biosimilar is achieved by fermentation of a genetically engineered Escherichia coli bacterium containing the DNA which encodes for the recombinant protein. Purification of the product is achieved by conventional column chromatography. It is a highly purified sterile solution consisting of non-covalent dimers of two identical 16,465 Dalton monomers.

Features and Advantages:
NameBiosimilar of IFN-γ
CAS NO.98059-61-1
Typea recombinant fusion protein
Molecular Weight160 kDa
Physical FormSolution
Place of OriginChina (Mainland)
StorageSealed and stored at -70±15℃, away from light

The biosimilar of IFN-γ bulk supplied by our company is a sterile, colorless, preservative free solution. Its concentration, pH value, excipient formula and the original drug (ACTIMMUNE) are the same. Besides, it can also be customized according to the requirements of customers.
The annual product supply is about 10~20kgs, and the minimum order is 1g. If there are other requirements, please contact us.

IFN-γ, sold under the trade name ACTIMMUNE, is a medication used to treat chronic granulomatous disease, osteopetrosis and moderate to severe atopic dermatitis.
The biosimilar of IFN-γ solution supplied by our company strictly follows the requirements of cGMP production specification from production to filling. The quality of the product is consistent with that of the original research drug. It can be used for pre-clinical research and scientific research, but it is prohibited to be used in human experiment or commercial use.Fusion Protein biosimilar

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