Customized Roll Forming Machine

Turntable pallet film stretch wrap wrapping packing machine. Heavy load capacity.Variable turntable speed and film carriage up down speed.
Manual/auto exchange
PLC control,wrapping cycle can setting, more economic, Pre stretch film carriage,more save stretch film, PLC is adopted for electrical control;
Standard features
1. Suitable for 50mm & 76mm film cores
2. 220 - 240VAC power supply
3. 80 mm turntable height, 2000 kg turntable capacity
4. 2200mm standard wrap height
5. Turntable speed max 15 (RPM)
6. PLC controlled
7. Push buttons
8. Photo eye sensor detects various
9. product height automatically
10. Safety crush prevention device
11. fitted to film carriage
12. Cycle  Counter counts  the number
13. pallets wrapped  (Including service alarm)
14. Top and bottom wraps adjustable (1, 2 or 3)
15. 500mm friction brake
16. Forklift transportable / front & rear access      
PLC Control system
Photo-eye pallet height sensor.
0--3 top(bottom) wrap times choose.
3--12 RPM variable turntable speed by frequency changer.
Variable carriage up/down speed.
Cycle pause capacity.
Film carriage
Friction brake.
Heavy duty chain carriage lift,calm nd safety.
Go home position after wrapping cycle finished.
Soft start/stop.
Heavy duty chain drive.Customized Roll Forming Machine

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