Black Fungus factory

Black Fungus, auricularia poiytricha see illustration. Also known as cloud ear, tree ear, wood fungus, mouse ear, jelly mushroom, and so on.
It can refer to a few different closely related species of edible fungus used primarily in Chinese cuisine; these are commonly sold in markets both shredded and dried.

The black fungus mushrooms benefits for health, such as:
1. Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disorders
2. Had the ability prevent Alzheimer’s disorders
3. Prevent irritation and inflammation
4. As an antithrombotic agent
5. Lowering cholesterol

Lianfeng(suizhou) Foods Co., Ltd. is the leading fungus producer and exporter in China. we is founded in 2002, it is located In the largest black fungus base in China. Lianfeng(suizhou)
Foods is a ISO9001: 2008 system qualified company.

Our services
1. We make strict rules in our planting farms and manufacturing factory, as a result, we can control the process from raw material to finished product.
2.The customer comes first, we provide reasonable price, high quality product and prompt shipment.
3.We can send the goods to your delivery address directly. It is relatively safe and fast. We have ready goods in stock.
4.We could make a remarkable price discount if you place a substantial order with us.
Black Fungus factory

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