Aluminum Foil price

Bare or lubricated aluminum foil for food container are always available from Henan Henry. 3003 and 8011 aluminum foil for food container are widely used for  fan and convection cooking, grilling,barbecue griddle and microwave oven. Our food container aluminum foil is suitable for the production of smooth-wall trays (Ready-To-Cook or Pet-Food). The good grade oil is applied for the pre-lubricated for our customers. A range of purpose designed lidding materials is also available - from more sophisticated coated or laminated aluminum foil lids to straightforward foil/board laminates that can be sealed to the container rim yet peel off easily when required.

Alloy:3003, 8011
Temper:O, H22, H24
Coil ID:75, 150

Thickness Tolerance
0.03 mm ±8%-0.035 mm ± 8%
0.04 mm± 8%-0.045 mm ±8%
0.05 mm ± 8%-0.06 mm ± 8%
0.064 mm ±8%-0.07 mm ± 8%

COATING /LUBRICATION: Colourless protective lacquer or lubricant confirming to be applicable regulations regarding direct contact with foods and drugs. Coloured lacquer can be provided if specified by the customer.

Coating / Lubrication
Coating:1.5 ± 0.5 GSM on each coated side
Lubrication:1 ± 0.2 GSM on each coated side

• Ability to withstand wide temperature changes from freezer to oven (high thermal conductivity promotes faster heating and freezing).
• Sturdy, stackable and leak resistant
• Up to 20 pounds capacity
• Printable surface
• Fold over edges for sealing to lids
• Amenable to multiple compartments
• No effect on food flavor
• Reusable or Recyclable

1. Oval, round, shallow or deep
2. Rectangular shapes of all proportions
3. Compartmented trays
4. Smoothwall dishes
5. Embossing

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2. Free sample available
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